Monarch butterfly chrysalis cremaster

How does a chrysalis hold on to the silk pad so tightly?  This greatly magnified view tells the story. Tiny hooks at the tip of the cremaster (the black ‘stem’ on a Monarch chrysalis) tangle tightly into the silk pad.  The twisting dance that a chrysalis does when it is through pupating is to work these tiny hooks into as many of the silk loops as possible.

A Monarch chrysalis cremaster is so tiny that we can’t see the tiny hooks that hold the chrysalis to its silk button.  These are scanning electron microscope images, taken of some of our Monarch chrysalises, by Illustra Media.

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm shipped empty chrysalis shells to Lad Allen in California for their movie, ‘Metamorphosis’.

Disinfecting leaves

Before we all enter into the 2018 butterfly season, let’s look at something that can help decrease OE and disease occurrence when we feed caterpillars indoors.

Many disease pathogens as well as OE spores are on leaves.  When a caterpillar eats a leaf, it ingests the pathogen.  At that point, the caterpillar is often infected with a crippling or fatal disease.

One step to preventing many infections is simple.  Disinfect the leaves before you feed them to your caterpillars.

How to disinfect leaves?  Check it out here. 




Do butterflies feel pain?

According to entomologists, butterflies do not feel pain.  Many of us keep our doubts simply because we see them react to touch.  They do feel!  But do they feel PAIN?

Do caterpillars writhe in pain response to insecticides?  They writhe, that is for sure. But why? Many insecticides act in a way that when a caterpillar is exposed to those insecticides, they will writhe.  They have no choice.  It affects neurotransmitters.

We’ve watched butterflies with missing abdomens (eaten by mice at night) fly and drink.  Other than falling on their faces when they land, due to the imbalance of weight, they ate totally normal.  Males with abdomens try to pair with females without abdomens.   (We added Grandma Kitty to the farm staff and she keeps mice from eating butterflies.  Go Grandma Kitty!)


Although we are not scientists that do this type of research, we have researched the topic and talked with lepidopterists, entomologists, pathologists, and other scientists about this topic.

After careful observation and discussion, we personally believe that they do not feel pain.  Many people disagree and we’re thankful that people do disagree.  It’s when we don’t agree that more research is initiated.  It is then that scientists communicate more.

Experiencing surgery while totally awake helped convince me.

Click here to read more about this topic.

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