A big OOPS!

A little click of the mouse and our two previous educational butterfly websites (over 700 webpages total) disappeared into thin air.  We checked with our server and found that there was nothing we could do.  They are gone.


I’ve wanted to re-vamp the website and merge the two together.  Now is my perfect opportunity.  A couple of our Facebook friends suggested that we look up cached pages on google to help with replacing the website.  What a wonderful help that will be as we replace these pages.

We will be replacing the pages as fast as we can, in between all the other items on our agenda.  During this time, the appearance of the page may change several times as we search for the best format to share educational information with you on this website.

Thank you for your patience.

Edith and Stephen


2 thoughts on “A big OOPS!

  1. OMG!! I just spent an hour squinting at my phone, consuming your website💖
    I am speechless and in love at the same time. Wonderful.🦋😇🤣


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