No neonicotinoids?

Does that mean the plant is safe for caterpillars? Absolutely not.

People are excited when nurseries stop using neonicotinoid pesticides. Of course! It’s a good thing. The question is whether we remember that neonicotinoids are only ONE grouping of pesticides. There are many pesticides that are not neonicotinoids.

neonicotinoid label
neonicotinoid label

Two plants can be grown exactly the same, next to each other, one treated with neonicotinoids and the other with a non-neonicotinoid pesticide. Caterpillars eating either plant will be just as dead.

Remember, the fact that a plant isn’t treated with neonicotinoids doesn’t mean it is safe for caterpillars.

One thought on “No neonicotinoids?

  1. People need to be aware that plant labels that say “Bee Friendly” or “Bee & Butterfly Favorite” or anything along those lines mean NOTHING. It only means the plant could be good for pollinators IF the grower grew it without pesticides and fungicides (the combination of the two is especially bad for some pollinators). Those plant tags are just a marketing ploy and come with no guartentees the plant was grown with pollinator safety in mind.


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