Attaching chrysalises to hooks

Earring hooks are wonderful tools, useful for hanging chrysalises.

These are NEVER NEVER NEVER to be worn. They are not earrings.

The style hook we used in these photos are the ones that work best for us. It’s something about the angles and curves of the earring hook that makes it hang better.


The chrysalis should be glued at the same angle as the side of the earring hook, as in the last photo. If it is glued perpendicular, it will not hang well or will not hang at all.


We prefer to begin with cold water, often placing an ice cube in it and allowing it to melt while our glue gun is heating up.


If the melted glue is too hot, it can damage or kill the chrysalis by burning it. It won’t cause pain but it can cause deformation and/or death by ‘cooking’ the tip of the abdomen.

Once the glue gun is hot, we place a good size dot or dollop of glue to the round end of the hook.


We then place the tip of the abdomen of the chrysalis in the glue. It’s best to let the glue cool a bit but if you’re doing hundreds, that takes far too long. If you are doing dozens to hundreds (we do as many as 450 at a time for special orders), you can touch the abdomen to the hot glue IF IF IF you drop it instantly into cold water.


To do this, we hold the chrysalis and hook a few inches above the cold water to eliminate even the extra couple of seconds it takes to move our hands across the top of the desk to the cup (if it is set off to the side).


Remember that these are living creatures, a butterfly in its ‘teenager’ stage, becoming an adult. Handle gently.

Once again, we repeat that these are never to be worn as earrings. The earring hooks simply make it easier to hang them to emerge.