Caterpillar Rearing in a Pizza Box

Yes, you CAN raise caterpillars in a pizza box!

Recycle! You can raise caterpillars in a pizza box! Simply place paper towels on the bottom of the box and add food and caterpillars. They’ll do fine without more light.

Add fresh food daily and clean out the box as needed. Frass (caterpillar poop) can build up quickly and begin to grow unhealthy mold in the box if you are raising several caterpillars in one box.

When the caterpillars pupate and the chrysalises harden, the lid can be cut off the box and hung in an area protected from cats. When the butterflies emerge, they will dry their wings and fly to a window. Once they are in the window, simply pick them up gently and release your butterflies outdoors.

Presto! Simple!

If you’d rather purchase a rearing container that can be reused, there are many available from our website.