Charlotte’s Blush Tropical Milkweed – Asclepias curassavica Charlotte’s Blush

Variegated leaves and seed pods make this a first in the world of milkweeds. Charlotte’s Blush® is every bit a tropical milkweed and every bit a magnificent showy garden plant.

Tropical milkweed, including Charlotte’s Blush® and Monarch’s Promise®, grows well in nearly any garden.

Tropical milkweed responds well to pruning and fertilizer. When pruned to 4-5 inches from the bottom of the stem, several stems grow from the pruned stem. This results in more food for Monarch and Queen caterpillars each time it is pruned.

As a focal point in a garden, in a flower pot, this plant will catch everyone’s attention.

As a milkweed, it will catch the attention of Monarch butterflies. Caterpillars will eat this plant as readily as any other tropical milkweed. To the caterpillar, there isn’t a difference between variegated and solid leaf tropical milkweed.

Charlotte’s Blush® will not lose its variegation if planted beside solid green leaved milkweed.

Charlotte’s Blush will be released spring 2016 at, the website of Shady Oak Butterfly Farm.

Perennial zones: 8-11

Propagation: Prohibited by law

Full sun

Average soil and water

Height: 4′

Bloom color: Depends upon cultivar, from all yellow to orange to red

Leaves: Solid green except for new patented cultivars Charlotte’s Blush and Monarch’s Promise