Fall Blooming Nectar Plants

As Monarch butterflies migrate south, along with the many other species that migrate south in the fall, they need nectar to give them strength for their journey. What are some fall blooming nectar plants we can add to our gardens and yards?

Migrating Gulf Fritillary and Buckeye butterflies drink from fall-blooming flat top goldenrod.

First, consider annuals that can be planted late in the season to give a final burst of bloom before the first frost. Second, as soon as they are available in the fall, plant cold tolerant annuals and perennials, such as dianthus, bottle brush, blazing star, goldenrod, and calendula.

Cloudless Sulphur butterflies drink nectar from bottlebrush blooms

Depending upon where you live, there will be plants that bloom in late fall. Check with your county agent, local nurseries, and garden clubs to find out which plants will bloom in cool fall weather.

Long-tailed Skippers drink nectar from blazing star blooms
Long-tailed Skippers drink nectar from blazing star blooms