Heartseed, Love-in-a-Puff, Cardiospermum halicacabum, is a host plant for several butterflies. Other than the Silver-banded Hairstreak, these butterflies are not found in many states and then, only in specific portions of these states.

Love in a Puff – Heartseed – has a black seed with a white heart

The Amethyst Hairstreak, Miami Blue, and Silver-banded Hairstreak caterpillars eat this plant in Florida. In Texas, the Common Banner and Silver-banded Hairstreak use it as a host plant. These species are found in only the southern tip of these two states (other than the Silver-banded Hairstreak).

Love in a Puff – heartseed – the unripe seed pod is a puff, filled with more air than anything else.

The reason for the name of this plant is evident in these photos. The black seeds has a white heart on them. the seed pods are round and empty, other than a few seeds.

The tiny white flower of Love-in-a-Puff

The plant is grow in in gardens for its foliage and seed rather than the tiny white flowers.


Height 10′

Spacing 4-5 inches

Full sun

Bloom is white and small

Soil – average garden soil

Propagation – seed