Plants for Butterfly Gardens in the Southwestern U.S.

For the Southwestern Region of the U.S., these are some of the plants that are recommended for a butterfly garden.

  • Milkweed for Monarch
  • Passion vine for Gulf Fritillary
  • Oak for Arizona Sister
  • Pipevine for Pipevine Swallowtail
  • Alfalfa and clover for Clouded Sulphur and Orange Sulphur
  • Senna for Tailed Orange
  • Hackberry for American Snout
  • Desert hackberry for Empress Lelia
  • False nettle and stinging nettle for Red Admiral
  • Pussy toes and pearly everlasting for American Lady and Painted Lady
  • Paintbrush, beardstongues for Edith’s Checkerspot