Presentations: Butterfly Gardening and More

Whether for a gardening club, plant nursery, school, or other group, we are delighted to share butterfly fun (and not so fun) facts and secrets with you and your group or class.

Whether it be a series of short presentations for class after class in one school to an in-depth presentation for a gardening group, we have presented butterfly presentations that have lasted from twenty minutes to 8 hours long.tpresentation6

We ask that the proper person for the organization/school exchange emails with us as we discuss their goals for the presentation, interest of the attendees, and other questions we may have about the facility and audience. Each presentation is personally geared toward the intent and interest of the group.

Our photographs of wonderful closeup views of butterflies and their world, events and scenes we can’t see with our eyes, are included in our PowerPoint presentations.


If a projector and screen is not available, we are able to bring our own projector and screen. If the presentation is to be held outdoors, we are able to conduct a presentation without using a PowerPoint presentation.

One of our more popular presentations begins with an hour long Butterfly Gardening Basics, followed by an hour of Advanced Butterfly Gardening, ending with an hour of Container Butterfly Gardening. During the last hour, we plant two container butterfly gardens, and leave them as door prizes (or for whatever use has been decided by the person/group that contacted us). We supply the pots, plants, and other items for the container gardens.

One school would regularly provide a ‘passport’ for each student in third grade and create stations throughout the school. Our presentation was one of those stations. As students went to each station, their passport was stamped. Our presentation lasted 45 minutes. Other stations included activities such as drawing chalk images on the sidewalk from what they learned during the presentation, looking at eggs and chrysalises and watching caterpillars (provided by our farm and left at the school after the presentation), and making a life cycle craft out of pasta on craft paper. At the end of the day, before students boarded their buses, native butterflies were released. (We provided the butterflies as part of the presentation. They were normally released by a student who had cancer, a teacher who was retiring, or another specially designated person.)


We ask that nurseries requesting presentations mail a list of their plants to us once we have selected a date for the presentation. We will include their host and nectar plants in our presentation. We do not want to send their customers to their competitor nurseries. We will email the nursery a list of plants we recommend they add to their stock to have available for their customers at the time we hold the presentation. If they add plants to their stock, we will include those plants in our presentation. Our goal for nurseries is to not only educate their customers about butterflies (and moths) but to increase sales of their plants and their products. (As a side note, we do not encourage sales of ‘butterfly houses’ for butterflies themselves. They are not used by butterflies. They are wonderful garden decorations but are not used by butterflies.) Get out the composted cow manure … we encourage the use of cow manure in gardens. Butterflies enjoy cow manure. Bird suet feeders is another item we encourage gardeners to buy and use for butterflies, filled with fruit. We will email a list of items that we encourage your customers to buy and use in their gardens to turn their yards into butterfly habitats.

The minimum fee for a presentation is $200, up to 1/2 day’s time.  For a full day of presentations, the fee is $300.  Travel expenses are added to the presentation fee.

Please contact us at for more information.