Question Mark – Polygonia interrogationis

Named for the ? white mark on the outside of their hindwings, Question Mark butterflies are found in all states east of the Continental Divide.

Question Mark butterflies host on hackberry (Celtis), false nettle (Boehmeria cylindrica), American elm (Ulmus americanus), hackberry (Celtis), Japanese hop (Humulus japonicus), red elm (Ulmus rubra), and nettles (Urtica). We have raised this species on hackberry, American elm, false nettle, and Japanese hop.

Eggs are green and are often laid in stacks, or towers, one on top of another.

In captivity, many eggs are often laid on the same leaf.

Question Mark butterflies attach in a J to pupate. Their silk is pink.

One day later, the caterpillar pupates into a brown chrysalis with metallic spots.

Question Mark butterflies often drink from rotting fruit. Placing fruit out for butterflies, especially near their host plants, will often draw them to your yard. This Question Mark is drinking from fruit in a bird suet feeder.