Rocky Mountain Region Butterflies and Their Plants

For the Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S., these are some of the plants that are recommended for a butterfly garden.

  • Aspen, cottonwood, willow for Weidemeyer’s Admiral
  • Paintbrush, beardstongues for Edith’s Checkerspot
  • Fennel, parsley, dill for Anise Swallowtail and Indra Swallowtail
  • Cottonwood, black cherry, ash for Western Tiger Swallowtail
  • Cherry and ash for Pale Swallowtail
  • Milkweed for Monarch
  • Currents and gooseberries for Hoary Comma
  • Willow, hackberry, elm for Mourning Cloak
  • Asters for Pearl Crescent
  • Willow, hackberry for Mourning Cloak
  • Prairie clovers, indigo (Dalea), alfalfa, and clover (Trifolium) for Southern Dogface
  • Alfalfa and clover for Clouded Sulphur
  • Violets for Callippe Fritillary
  • Dock for Ruddy Copper and Purplish Copper
  • Pussy toes for West Coast Lady, American Lady, and Painted Lady