Sugarberry Tree – Celtis laevigata

Sugarberry is a host tree for six butterflies.

Mourning Cloak, Question Mark, Hackberry Emperor, Comma, Snout, and Tawny Emperor butterflies all host on Sugarberry trees.

Sugarberry is a US native tree.

Soil – best in damp to wet but will grow in dry soil
Not tolerant of salt spray
Zones 5-9
Full sun to partial shade
Height appx 60 feet
Width 60 feet
Fairly fast growth
Aggressive root system (do not plant next to house foundations or septic systems)
Fruit feeds many mammals and birds

Grows well in pots and can be trimmed to keep the tree small for several years.

Planted in the ground, the tree trunk can be cut close to the ground only a few times. This species won’t survive being cut close to the ground too many times. It doesn’t respond well to severe trimming as well as many other species of trees.