Tropical Milkweed – Asclepias curassavica

Tropical Milkweed is native to the same area of the world where scientists believe Monarch butterflies originated – Mexico! Asclepias curassavica grows quickly and is easy to grow.

This milkweed is a perennial in the south and an annual in the north. Monarch and Queen butterflies make full use of this plant, laying eggs on leaves, blooms, and the stems.

Although the leaves are smaller than many milkweeds, the rate that tropical milkweed grows new stems and leaves makes it a boost for butterfly gardens.

Ideal for growing in pots, tropical milkweed responds well to pruning and fertilization. After leaves are eaten from a stem, trimming the stem back to 4″ will result in several new stems from the initial one stem.

Perennial zones: 8-11

Full sun

Average soil and water

Height: 4′

Bloom color: Depends upon cultivar, from all yellow to orange to red

Leaves: Solid green except for new patented cultivars Charlotte’s Blush and Monarch’s Promise

Propagation: Seed and stem cuttings